What to expect when parasailing


Here’s what you should expect when parasailing with us:

1. You’ll arrive at our dock, and we’ll check you in.
2. We’ll let you now when to board the boat.
3. If you come early; we are located on the Harbor Walk where you can see fishing boats and their catches, shop, eat, snack, or just relax and watch the pelicans while enjoying a refreshing beverage.
4. Once on the boat the crew will welcome you aboard and give you a short safety briefing required by the coast guard.
5. Then the flip flops come off and the first flyers don life jackets and step into a harness that is much like a swing with a seatbelt. Not just any swing this one can hold 14,000 pounds!
6. At this point all to be done is to enjoy the boat ride and that true feeling of being on vacation.
7. Once we find an open area to parasail, we will inflate the chute.
8. We then call the first group to the back deck and have them sit on the launch platform and clip them into the parachute.
9. The boat will then come up to speed making you feel lighter and lighter until launching you smiling into the air.
10. As the parasailing ride is ending, we will bring you back, dip your toes in the water and land you on the launchpad in the same seated position as you took off.
11. Once you make your way back to your seat, we will call the next group.
12. Once everyone has gone the boat will return to the dock leaving you with a great experience and memories that will last for a very long time.