1. Is this parasailing stuff safe?

Yes, and at Destin Beach Parasailing, we work hard to make
something that’s already relatively safe, even safer. Here’s how:

• We’re the only company in Destin to focus solely on parasailing. We’re paying attention. Always.
• We exceed industry standards in safety.
• Our equipment is replaced new as-needed and always before the manufacturer’s recommended replace date.
• Our boat is U.S. Coast Guard Inspected and maintained by a prior Coast Guardsman.
• Our captain is Coast Guard licensed, CPR certified, and has been on the water professionally since 1996.

2. Will I get wet?
Do you want to get wet? It is your choice! Just let the captain know before he puts you in the air.

3. What’s the age limit?
You must be at least six years old to parasail with us.

4. Can I bring my own camera?
Absolutely! Use yours, or take advantage of our photo package for other great shots. Just FYI, our camera has a polarized filter that reduces glare and might give you a clearer pic of your adventure, but you’re absolutely welcome to snap your own, too.

5. Are there weight restrictions?
Yep. Weather plays a part in how much weight needs to be in the parachute, but a general rule is 90 pounds minimum and 550 maximum.

6. How high will we fly?
Pretty darn high. We let out 800 feet of line, which gets you up there about 500 feet. That’s as high as the law of the land will let you go.

7. What should we bring with us on the boat?
Nothing but yourself really—though if you want sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or a towel, those are good things to bring aboard. The trip’s about and hour to an hour and a half and we’ve got storage on the boat for whatever you’ll need for that short time.

8. Don’t lie…is this scary?
Not even as scary as a roller coaster. It’s pretty relaxing: you take of and land from a seated position on the back deck of the boat, and then once you’re in the air the wind will be light and the view will be incredible. Still not convinced? Check out our YouTube video.

9. Where can I view your waivers?
You can check out our waivers here or at https://www.smartwaiver.com/v/destin/ in advance.