Meet The Captain



Hi! I’m Calvin.

I grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone, surrounded by H2O-the Caribbean on one side, the Canal and lake in the middle, and the Pacific fifty miles away. I’ve lived a life on the water, first in the U.S. Coast Guard, then as a yacht captain and marine technician, ship captain in the Gulf of Mexico, and finally flying people through the air on parasails. I love my job; seeing smiling faces all day, living near the water and carrying on the longest love affair of my life: one with the sea. (We’re still together and doing just fine, thank you very much.)

I never leave the house without sunglasses. My favorite time of day is early afternoon; by this time the day is off and rolling and is usually when the most fun is happening on the water. When I’m done parasailing for the season, all I think about is adventure-climbing mountains, eating great food in parts unknown and fishing the coastlines in remote locations-before coming back to Destin to make people smile again and again.