What to do in Destin, Florida at night. Around the harbor.


The next installment in this series is about some of the places in Destin, on the harbor but off Destin’s Boardwalk.  Once you have had your fill of Destin’s Boardwalk and the Harborwalk and since you won’t be able to parasail at night, we have plenty of other great places that are close by.  Boshamps is a fun place; known for its laid back environment and world class mojitos.  They have a great menu and large deck to enjoy the outside air.  The decor is amazing!  It has a touch of fishing resort, a touch yacht club, and casually classy; just what we locals love and exactly what you look for in a restaurant while on vacation. They even have a beach!  Let the kids play bocce ball and play in the sand while you relax with a boat drink in one of the hammocks.

Moving east, Harbordocks is a staple for dinning and famous for seafood and music.  Live music will happen all summer long on the outside patio.  This restaurant has the freshest seafood available.  Unless you cook fish on your boat still flipping you won’t find any fresher.  The restaurant has a boat dock and the fish are brought in and cleaned up on site.  Visit www.harbordocks.com to see the menu and get their address.  They have a great local menu and a sushi menu.  Try the backdown roll and be prepared to have a new sushi favorite!  Other restaurants affiliated with Harbordocks are Camille’s and La Paz in case you cannot get get enough fresh Gulf seafood.

As for the next restaurant, I am having a hard time telling anyone about.  It is one of the best but off the beaten path so it doesn’t always have the lines to get in.  I fear this won’t last long considering it is accessible by boat, it is on the harbor, and has some of the best food in town.  Located on Holiday Isle in Sandpiper Cove, Louisiana Lagniappe specializes in cajun cuisine and are, no doubt, experts.  Come see for yourself what kind of combination Gulf Coast seafood and Cajun spices will make you feel.  I bet it will have you making this restaurant a box to check while visiting every time you come.

This will end the restaurant tour around the harbor.  I have listed some of our favorite places to go.  They are favorites for the good service, good food, and generally the great experience I will put my word behind.  There are lots of good places to eat in Destin that are wonderful.  My list isn’t just about the food; it is about the bands, the after dinner availability of cocktails, how crowded some places can feel, and the view of the harbor plays a big roll in choosing a place to spend precious vacation time.